Sunday, February 20, 2011

DIG 2500C - Interaction Design Document and Milestone 2 Preview

This past Friday I turned in my second Interactive Design assignment -- the Interaction Design Document (IDD). This is essentially my blueprint for what I hope to accomplish for this website project. There are already a few things I thought to add to it since turning it in, so we'll see if I can learn enough about Flash in time to achieve everything I want.

Here is the link to see the IDD: my IDD.

Also, for my next Milestone, I have to start designing the actual interface of the website. I've started the Home Page in an attempt to establish an overall "look" for the website -- nothing is active yet, it's still just a "shell". Here is a screen shot from Flash showing what it looks like so far (click the image for a full-size view):

DIG 2500C - Milestone 2 in progress (2/20/11)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

DIG 2500C - Milestone 1

It's project time again!

For my Interactive Design class we are required to design a website in Flash over the course of the semester. The project is divided into milestones that we must complete roughly every two weeks. The theme of the website must be a movie (either real or of our own creation). To ensure that I would give this project the interest and care it deserves, I chose as my movie the Beatles' "Help!"

Milestone 1, due this Friday, Feb. 4th, is a "splash page", the introductory video clip that appears when you first enter the website. For those of you familiar with Flash CS4 or CS5, the technical requirements of this project are:
  • the stage must be  960 x 589  pixels
  • the animation must be at least 15 seconds at 30fps
  • the majority of the graphics used must be vector graphics
  • the following are the minimum animation requirements:
    • two shape tweens
    • one motion tween
    • one path animation
    • two classic tweens

In the first part of my clip, the text that appears was inspired by the 1965 and 2007 trailers which used the tagline: "Stop worrying! 'Help!' is on the way". The second part is an animation in which I try to emphasize the main conflict of the movie by showing cartoony silhouettes of the Beatles fleeing from the villain, Clang. I included Ringo's sacrificial ring--the item which makes him Clang's central target. At the very end I display my replication of the Beatles logo and the "Help!" logo, and beneath I created an "Enter" button for the website. But I'm not certain if I want to keep the button, since I can't yet make it "active". Any thoughts or advice on this would be greatly appreciated!

Anyway, here is a Quicktime video of my project as it currently stands. Enjoy!

DIG 2500C - Milestone 1 (2/1/11)