Sunday, February 20, 2011

DIG 2500C - Interaction Design Document and Milestone 2 Preview

This past Friday I turned in my second Interactive Design assignment -- the Interaction Design Document (IDD). This is essentially my blueprint for what I hope to accomplish for this website project. There are already a few things I thought to add to it since turning it in, so we'll see if I can learn enough about Flash in time to achieve everything I want.

Here is the link to see the IDD: my IDD.

Also, for my next Milestone, I have to start designing the actual interface of the website. I've started the Home Page in an attempt to establish an overall "look" for the website -- nothing is active yet, it's still just a "shell". Here is a screen shot from Flash showing what it looks like so far (click the image for a full-size view):

DIG 2500C - Milestone 2 in progress (2/20/11)

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