Wednesday, September 21, 2011

DIG 3134 Project 1

I have my first project for my Media Software Design class due tomorrow. For this class we are working with PHP and HTML. Project 1 was to program a game called "Acey-Ducey". Each round a high card and a low card are drawn at random, and the player may place a bet that the third card drawn will have a value between the high and low card, or they may pass. In my version, there are two teams, each beginning with $1000, and betting $100 each into the pot by default. Then, on each turn, one team may bet any amount, or pass. Players cannot bet more than they currently have, and they may not bet more than the current pot, but they may bet nothing (which is for all intents and purposes the same as passing). When one team runs out of money, the other team is declared the winner. My game does not play through a whole deck, but all the cards are of one suit, Hearts.

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