Thursday, March 3, 2011

DIG 2500C - Milestone 2

I'm turning in my second Interactive Design Milestone tomorrow and I think it's finally done! The basic assignment was to get the layout done for the entire website, but nothing is active yet (no buttons, no links, etc.), so right now it's basically and animated slide show. Also none of the items are up long enough to read all of the text, because the focus of this stage is the buttons and actually having different sections, not the rest of the content. NOTE: Part of the assignment was to show the buttons in all of their states (i.e. the different ways they look when you mouse-over, click, etc.). The result is a bunch of images all flashing at once and it looks crazy and seizure-inducing! If you get dizzy or sick easily, you may not want to watch this for too long...

DIG 2500C - Milestone 2 (3/3/11)

Click here to see the full .swf file.

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