Sunday, March 20, 2011

DIG 2500C - Milestone 3

Here is my third Milestone in my Interactive Design class--a game! The point of this assignment is a brief introduction to ActionScript 3.0 in Flash. The object of the game, as outlined by the project requirements, is:

The success scenario of the game is for the player to navigate the "rooms" to reach the "treasure room", gain the "treasure", and return to the entrance to exit the space.

Also, the losing scenario is for the player to enter the "monster room". One requirement of the game is that the "paths" to the "treasure" and the "monster" are already predetermined. That is, the professor told us exactly which path should go to the "treasure room", and which should go to the "monster room". I won't reveal that, however, because I would like people to play it for themselves! To try out my game, go here:

Oh, this wasn't a requirement, but I decided to have my game match the theme of my website, because I want to try to add the game as a feature of my final product.

The assignment isn't due until Friday, so I'd love some feedback! Thanks!

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