Thursday, October 7, 2010

DIG 2109c Project 2 First Sketches

I've started work on my second Digital Imaging project. This one has to be based on a multilayered musical piece of our choosing. The full criteria is listed here:

Right now this is my song selection (but it could be subject to change):
"Jeux d'Enfants" from Cirque du Soleil's "Alegría".

It's pretty hard for me to ignore the circus theme that comes to mind here. Just like with the last project, I have to create three compositions that all fit this unifying theme. So far I have made colored sketches of my first two ideas (the color is a little dull because these are scans):

Project 2A (sketch)

 Project 2B (sketch)

I have a skeletal thumbnail sketch of my third composition, which at the moment consists of three jugglers balancing on a large circus ball.

I've come up with the background for composition 2A in Photoshop. It's simple so far, but I'm pleased that I was able to manage textures. I will post this one later on as my current link to it is broken. But if you look at the sketch again, my idea is to have the bottom tan part be like part of a poster advertising the circus, but the brown edge at the top will double as a tightrope, with a tightrope-walker balancing on it, with the red and white as the tent in the background. I also wanted to experiment with different lighting effects. I want to try making parts of the picture kind of dark and then illuminate other parts as if with a spotlight.

My idea with this project as a whole that even though the images are cartoony and flat, I might be able to give some illusion of depth with lighting and shadow also play with the viewer's sense of scale a little--for example, by having the poster double as a tightrope in 2A. It all sounds really good in my head, it's just a matter of proper execution. So, of course, any comments or criticism are more than welcome!

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