Sunday, October 31, 2010

Less than One Week Left to Vote for My Video!!!

Hey, everyone!

There's less than one week left in the "Band on the Run" covers competition and it's starting to get intense. If you haven't liked my video yet… go ahead and do it now. It's so easy, if you have a YouTube account, all you have to do is go to my video and click the "LIKE" button! To get to my video, just go to my YouTube channel at and my video will be right there.

Now, for those of you that have already liked my video, I cannot thank you enough! Currently my video has the most "likes" in the competition! But unfortunately, there's a bit of a problem. See, to enter the video in the contest, you have to submit it to a YouTube group for the contest, and that group has its own internal ratings system on its page. The official competition rules seem to suggest that the video with the most "likes" will win, but every other entry in the competition seems to be trying to get this other kind of votes. I've tried to ask for clarification but no one's been able to help me so far, so I've decided I'm going to hedge my bets and ask you to vote for me this second way, as well. I know some of you have already voted for me both ways, so thank you all very much! BUT if you have liked my video but haven't voted for it yet, please do it by following these instructions:

If you are signed in to your YouTube account, go to Once there, click "Join Group" and the page will refresh. Now look at the right-hand panel on the page, where the video player is. Below that is the "Top Rated" list. Find my video (at this point you'll probably have to scroll down a bit to find it). You'll recognize mine from the green kaleidoscope pattern in the thumbnail. Click the name of my video and it will start to play in the player above. When it starts playing, click the "I love it" link which appears under the player. And that's it! Also, with this method it seems you can vote every so often, I think it might be once or twice a day, so vote often!

Thank you so much, everyone! The winner is supposed to be announced on Monday, November 8th, so I'll let everyone know the results then!

Peace, love, and vote for me! =)

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